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Oregon lost one of the greatest couples that made our community a better place for us all. Nohad and Dirce Toulan were bridge builders. They accomplished this through their personal and public lives. Dirce and Nohad did not just talked the talk – they also walked the walk. They were two giants who walked this earth and bettered the lives of everyone they met and everything they touched. Together, they were accomplished educators, architects, and urban planners who had a passion for history, culture, and the arts.
Dr. Birol Yesilada
Professor of Political Science and International Studies
Portland State University
Toulan, an advisor to generations of local leaders, was also an international planning presence, a former planning director of Cairo, where he grew up, and designer of a regional plan for Mecca. As a Muslim and an immigrant, he was a human reflection of cooperation among communities, and of Portland's emergence as a far more cosmopolitan place than the city where he arrived in 1972.
The Oregonian Editorial Board

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Sheila Martin
Professor and Director,
Portland State University

The Toulans served as bridges: bridges between the university and the community, bridges among cities and counties, bridges among faiths, and bridges among people of diverse ethnic and social backgrounds. The Toulans worked tirelessly to help our region become a place of community, understanding, kindness, and civility.